Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lady Kelso.

Oh my lanta! It's been forever since any of us have written on here so I decided to update...on me at least. I can't exactly update you on other's lives.

We get our senior rings tomorrow!
I've been waiting for this for a while, and I can't wait. Mine is going to be awesome though it will be horribly accented by my ugly broken finger! Haha.
Tonight is the Gators vs. Oklahoma game. GO GATORS! While all these Tech and Texas fans have been thrashing it out the gators worked their way to the top, where they will slaughter Oklahoma. :)
Oh and my 17th birthday is closely coming. I feel like I'm getting old. And I'm hoping my friends will actually get my helmet for my birthday. Which is also the reason for the title of my blog. I am like the girl version of Kelso on That 70's Show.
Reasons I'm the Lady Kelso
  1. I'm kinda ditzy, air-go the need for the stupid helmet.
  2. I have great hair, according to people that is. I'm not that cocky.
  3. I have lots of guy problems which takes the place of the whole man whore thing, neither of which I am.

Anywho the games about to start so I'll finish later. :)

Night kids.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

What about an axe?! Do we need an axe?!

And why the heck would I, KaCee, write a blog?
  1. im bored
  2. jacob is at work
  3. i just watched the funniest episode ever of That 70's Show and i have to tell people about it.

So, That 70's's hilarious and im gonna give ya the skinny, the low down, the "shuffle".

(totally made up the "shuffle".)

So back to givin ya the the whole "crew" is hanging out in the basement, as usual, and the new guy that replaced Eric suggests going somewhere else to hang out. They all end up going to this burger joint that has a drive through and this ceramic clown that has a speaker and all that crap, ya know what im saying. Anyways that guy then suggests stealing the beloved clown, which Jackie is afraid of clowns because she found her mother making out with one at a birthday party of her's.

They are all getting stuff to steal the clown, like a crow bar and stuff, and Donna is getting all pumped for later that night and she is all like "What about an axe? Do we need an axe?!" then Fez makes the comment that they dont have a getaway car and the new guy say that he will just ask Red for the keys and Donna is like "We dont need keys! I'll hot wire that son of a bitch!" (oh she is so crazy).

So they get the car and get to the place and Donna, once again is hilarious, and says "I cant believe Im an accesory to a crime. If we get caucght I can get arrested. I could go to a girl prison. This freakin rocks!" Then Bob drives up, not knowing that it's closed, and everyone scatters but fez and he hides behind the clown and start taking his order and all like asking him if he wants to super size it and...idk it's funny. Bob drives away. Then Donna says "Okay, guys. After this we should steal a car, no a kid!" Then Hyde says "Donna, thats kidnapping." Then Donna replys with "Okay, a dog, just something alive."


They are trying to figure out what to do with it and Donna says "This is simple. This is so freakin simple. All we need to do is get rid of the body. We need a hack saw, a bunch of garbage bags, and a bath tub filled with acid."

anyways so thats about as funny as it gets.

oh i dont think anyone will read that...Maggie probably will.



Monday, September 22, 2008

Sit Down Fool! Yes ma'am.

So this sucks. I can't go to homecoming which means I can't see Kaitlyn and Fredrich on the feild. Since Jeffrey starts at Brookshires on Thursday I have to stay later on Friday to help him. He has to use the buffer which is twice his size, so not gonna work. So my shift is 4-10 p.m. :(

I don't wanna miss homecoming, or the float or the really lame entirely boring dance, becuase even though its lame and boring my friends make it awesome.

Anyways on a funny note Micheal Collingwood asked me to homecoming, well thats not the funny part. He asked Eleigha and she turned him down because of....cheerleading. And so he asked me and I carefully manuevered around it. He asked me and I was like well I heard you asked Eleigha, nice to know I'm a back up, and turned around and locked the Brookshires door ignoring the honks from the car. I felt clever. I've quite had it with Albany boys.

And a few Abilene ones.

But I do love my Abilenians. :)

Hopefully I'll have Halloween off, I know I won't though. Hopefully I'll get off simi-early. So I can hang out with mis amigos.

Through all of this though I'm excited for all the dress up stuff. :)

I hope other people dress up too. :)

Well good night for now.

P.S. I love our foreign exchange students. :)


"I hope that some day you'll know the indescribable joy of having children... and of paying someone else to raise them."

So, Halloween is like the greatest holiday ever. And it's on a Friday this year, I'm so excited. I love the Addams Family. Hardcore. I want someone to have a Halloween party this year like insanely bad.

I hope that our Homecoming float isn't really lame this year. Eric Lee should totally dress up like Flavor Flav for it. It really annoyed me that some of our ideas were shot down at our class meeting, but whatever. Let's not get into that right now.

Seriously, the Addams Family and Addams Family Values are like the greatest movies ever. They have like the best cast members. Don't watch the Addams Family Reunion, though. It's horrible. Tim Curry plays Gomez, and it's just awful.

Oh my geez, I freaking love Halloween. Skanky costumes annoy me. Like last year, I went into a costume store and I saw a slutty nun costume. Seriously, a slutty nun. And there was a whore-y pirate one too. And on the picture it said Swashbuckling Sally. Seriously. And slutty costumes like that are like being sold at Wet Seal. Anyways, I'm kind of rambling.

It really stressed me out that we had so many tests today. I like that we have no homework though, because we were like taking tests in every freaking class. Gaw.


Monday, September 8, 2008

I don't think I've ever seen that color in nature before!

My brother got to come home last night and today he lost his first tooth. He then proceeded to keep eating his sandwich, though he was bleeding, and threw his tooth in toilet. Really - in the toilet. I don't know what they gave him at that hospital, but it apparently messed with his head a bit.

Anyway, I started freaking out about my newspaper story again last night, but now that I've fixed the quotes and only have to interview Mr. Norton tomorrow morning, I'm okay. I'll just have to figure out how to write it out and what not; the lead's the most important thing.

So, it's really cloudy outside, will probably rain again, and it's supposed to cooler tomorrow. I'm really excited, haha. I love fall and it's coming soon! I think I might - IT JUST LIGHTNINGED! - wear sweats tomorrow. The navy and orange ones from Old Navy that are three sizes too big for me. They were in the men's clearance section for three dollars, it was an impulse buy.

I think it's funny that my favorite things to wear are skinny jeans and sweats. They're, like, polar opposites. (There's the thunder... and now the rain. Oh, I love it!)

Emmy's reading to me now, something for school. My dad's about to go to sleep and my mom already is. I hate it when I have to help them with their homework, seeing as I have my own. Tonight I have to memorize a Spanish dialouge, do two Chemistry worksheets, eight Algebra II problems, catch up in The Scarlet Letter, and study for a History test. I don't know why I'm writing a blog when I have all that to do.

I'm a really good procrastinator.

I feel like posting a few pictures on here now, of the last week or so. Then I'm probably going to get off and start my homework. Hopefully, I'll get off and start my homework... maybe. No, no, I'm going to do my homework! There are no maybes, buts, ifs, etc.

Okay, anyway, back to the pictures.

This was in History on Friday. We had some free time and I wanted to take pictures. I set the timer for this one, it took three, but this is my favorite. I love my friends.

This is just Schnookums. I can never have too many pictures of her. :)

This was at the Breckenridge Tournament that we got second place at. It was so much fun. We made up an amazingly fun shank cheer and did our hair all crazy. The poses we're making are the ones we do at the end of the cheer, haha. I love this year's team.

Alright, I hope you enjoyed that. I'm going now, farwell.


Friday, September 5, 2008

My little brother...

is in the hospital in Eastland, I think.

He had staff awhile back, but my mom noticed that it had come back in several places last night because he's a little boy that doesn't leave his scabs alone. Anyway, they took him to the doctor this morning and he got medicine and what not.

He got sick tonight though, like, throwing up and he had a high fevor. My mom called the pharmacist, KaCee's mom, and Dr. Ford asking if it had anything to do with the medicine, etc. I don't remember what she said about that, but they're in Eastland now and my grandfather said that the last he heard from them was that Zak had just gotten the IV in and was doing some tests or something.

I don't really know all that's wrong because I fell asleep at about six-thirty and just woke up, but apparently it's not good.

If everyone could please pray for him that'd be greatly appreciated.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I am so totally ready.

Oh my geeezzz. I can't wait for Halloween and Running Man. I just recently I've become like insanely excited for Winter Formal and Prom. When I say recently, I mean like 15 minutes ago. Hardcore. I love Starbucks. I bought a bottle of Vanilla Frappuccino from Prairie Star and it is freaking delicious. I got a tiny bottle and drank it really fast. And then Colt, KaCee, and I went back to Prairie Star and got like huge bottles, but thats besides the point.

Maggie and I and other people are writing a book! Well, helping write a book with 10 other schools. We're going to Tarelton tomorrow and have to be at school at freaking 6:45 in the morning. I really should do my homework tonight, since I won't be able to turn it in until Thursday. I really don't think I will though, because now I'm like insanely hyper. I love coffee. Dressses are pretty.

It's fun to put pictures up here.


Monday, September 1, 2008

Would you say that you said that with an exclamation point?

No one has written a blog in a few days. Melany and KaCee have only written one in all, haha. I almost did several times in the past three days, but then I would decide not to because it was late, I was watching a movie, or something else. I am now though, and that's what counts, haha.

You know what's really cool? You can watch full-length movies online for free! It's not downloading them or anything, you're just able to watch them. It's just another reason for me to stay on the computer all day, haha. I watched Sex and the City, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and Made of Honor yesterday. They were all very good. Forgetting Sarah Marshall was hilariously inappropriate though, haha. I loved it still though.

I get my license in two weeks! Two weeks! That's so exciting! I'm not a very good driver, but I'm sure I'll get better with time, haha. I'm just happy that I won't have to get rides anymore or wait for someone to take or come get me. I already told Husmann that I'm going to come get her and Melany for everything to pay them back for taking me everywhere, haha. They won't be driving for a good two months.

Well, I still have to clean up my room a bit and read four chapters from The Scarlet Letter so I'm going to go.

We're going to keep this blog going, I promise. Last week was just really busy being the first week of school and all. I also had to make fifteen t-shirts Wednesday and Thursday night. I forgot to tell you about that...

You know that t-shirt that we made for Mr. Raymond that said 'We love Mr. Raymond and are outraged that our lockers have been moved away from him' and decided that we all wanted one also? Well, everyone decided that they wanted them all to look the same so I had to make them all. That's sixteen shirts, including Mr. Raymond's. Sixteen. It took for-freaking-ever, but I guess it was worth it. A lot of people asked about them and some rude people asked why we had them at all. Anyway, I'm going to post a picture of The Outraged, minus KaCee, Mary, Morgan, Eric Lee, Lindsey, and Eric. (Sorry, we didn't have enough time to go look for them.)

Okay, well, I'm going for real now. The Scarlet Letter is calling my name, as is cleaning my room, haha.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Don't be tryin' to get me hit, playa hater.

That would be a quote from my completely white father.

Anyways, school has gotten better. I was totally overwhelmed the first day especially at work which has been really dramatic lately. It's annoying. And theres this like twenty year old guy that comes in there and like stares me down but with like a smile on his face though, Idon't know creepy. And I must say off campus lunch is pretty cool but my 'visitors' aren't working out but I don't know how to end it. Oh well, oh and be prepared to laugh. Apparently when I went to camp this summer I met a guy and fell madly in love with him, hahahhaha-NOT. People are stupid, and make like the lamest rumors about me. I don't even care about rumors though but most of them are just really funny.

Oooooh! We're gonna start the super cat weight lifting program in basketball so maybe I will start to jump higher, then I would be like incredible at basketball because I'm like six foot or whatever AND I would be able to jump! I'd be a pimp, a female pimp. :)


I'm excited for prom, homecoming, football games, senior rings [:)], basketball, and so much other crap. I'm anticipating them all. :) Although I am still nervous about all the stuff I got on my plate so I know I'm gonna be exhausted from it all. I know this makes me sound nerdy but I don't care, I'm actually excited about starting The Scarlet Letter in Honors English. I can't watch T.V. still on weekdays (thanks to my extremely protective and sometimes overbearing father) so that gives me time to read. :)

I can't wait for the photoshoot on Friday. :)

Well I gotta stop procrastinating and do my homework.


Monday, August 25, 2008


I stubbed my right pinky toe on the door way a while back (I thought I broke my toe I kicked it so hard) and the toe nail just came off today. Hahaha, now I have a nub for a toe.